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Kivanc Tatlitug Unicef Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF Turkey Call for support for the Life #HerÇocukİçinHayalim

26 June 2020

UNICEF launched a campaign called #herçocukiçinhayalim in order to create awareness for not able to access to distance education to 3,000 children in difficult situations “learning at home” Kit provide. Each 100 TL donation means a set of learning materials, activity books, stationery, hygiene materials, information guides and brochures for a child. The campaign took place on Friday, June 26 – Saturday, June 27.

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Support from Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ for United Nations.

11 December 2019

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ supported the United Nations Global Compact, which has mobilized companies worldwide for a more sustainable world.
Tatlıluğ invited all companies to sign the UN Global Compact and take action for the world.
Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ says,
‘I know my responsibilities to leave our children a livable world in the future, and so I support UN Global Compact in this project. I’m very happy to support the initiative.
We must pay more attention to the universe and the ecosystem. At this point, every individual and institution in the world has big duties.
Like many individuals, I do my best. But I think that only individual efforts are not enough. Companies should have the same sensitivity, step into a sustainable future and take concrete actions for this.
As a supporter of the UN Global Compact, I invite all companies here to sign and to take concrete actions for a sustainable planet.”

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Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ volunteered at the camp of #IndigoTurtles in Belek, Antalya.

30 July 2019

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ volunteered in the event #IndigoTurtles   supported by a collaboration of Mavi Jeans and Ecological Research Society (since 2014), to protect endangered animals  Carretta Carrettas  in  Belek, Antalya.
He helped to the baby turtles which are unable to get out of their eggs and reach to the sea with Başak Dizer Tatlıtuğ, Sedef & Kıvanç Kasabalı and their son Can.

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On 20th of November World Children’s Day, UNICEF Goodwill ambassador Kivanç Tatlituğ gives full support for Childrens’ rights.

20 November 2018

More than 300 million children can’t go to school in world today. They try survive against wars and poverty.
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ also supported the awareness campaign that UNICEF launched to draw attention to this situation.
In the support campaign, everyone was called to paint the world blue for a day for children.

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Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ delivered the Carretta Carrettas’ to the sea!

09 August 2018

Within the scope of the Project Indigo Blue  supported by a collaboration of Mavi Jeans and Ecological Research Society (To protect endangered animals  Carretta Carrettas),
Brand face of Mavi Jeans Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ visited the camp  which took place in Antalya, Serik. At the beach he delivered 64 baby turtles to the sea with his hands.

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New year gift ideas from Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

27 December 2016

“I prefer to make children happy while I’m choosing new year gifts. I invite you to for new year gift ideas to help children under difficult situations.”

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Kıvanç Tatlutuğ supports #BirSenDahaVar campaign!

11 December 2015

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador #KıvançTatlıtuğ, is one of the 1 million promises to support a more inclusive society in which children with and without disabilities can live together, with #ThereIsAnotherYou campaign:

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Vintage UNICEF!

16 June 2015

In the words of our Goodwill Ambassador Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ: ‘Let’s support UNICEF so that our children’s eyes can shine with joy’

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Support to children victims of Nepal earthquake!

23 May 2015

Donate now so that UNICEF can help Nepal’s children continue to recover and grow.

With donations, UNICEF has helped dozens of child to set friendly spaces in informal settlements where children can access psychological and pyhsical support; set up check posts between earthquake districts.

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Unite for children, vote for children!

22 May 2015

Unite for children, vote for children!

Join UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ on our call for the 2015 Elections. UNICEF Turkey appeals to all political parties to integrate critical child right issues into their party programmes and their 2015 election campaigns:  #VOTEforChildren

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Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, successful and young actor, was declared as the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF

22 December 2011

UNICEF is the first organization, which started “Goodwill Ambassador” mission in the world. Goodwill Ambassadorship of UNICEF which was initiated in 1954 by Danny Kaye continued with Sir Peter Ustinov and Audrey Hepburn. The mission of each “Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF” who is prominent with their outstanding success and noble personality is to support activities carried out to protect the rights of the child. Some of the globally famous artists and athletes who have dedicated themselves to children by means of UNICEF are Roger Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Jackie Chan, Susan Sarandon, Mia Farrow, Ricky Martin; Leo Messi, David Beckham and Serena Williams.